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C4 Belts Sizing Tutorial

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How long are C4 Belts?

C4 Belts comfortably fit up to a 42'' waist and can be cut down to size. Classic Belts are 1.25” wide and are 49.25” long before being cut-to-size & Skinny Belts are .75” wide and are 48” long before being cut-to-size.

How can I make my own combo?

First, put the strap you would like in your cart. Be sure to choose the "No Buckle" option before you do so. Next, head to our buckle page and add the buckle you would like to order with your strap.Your cart should show a strap and a buckle separately. Now you've made your own combo!

My buckle/strap broke, can I get it replaced?

Yes! Check out our lifetime guarantee on our belts and buckles! Then simply email sales@c4belts.com
1. A photo of your broken buckle or strap
2. Your shipping address
3. Color/belt style confirmation

Do you ship international?

Yes, your shipping will be estimated at checkout.

How can I become a brand ambassador?

Check out our ambassador page.

How can I get C4 to sponsor me?

Check out our sponsored rider page to see our current sponsored riders. If you are interested in being sponsored please email hello@c4belts.com. *SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY*

So I can get free shipping if I spend $50 or more?

Yes, but this only applies to order shipped within the U.S.

Do you offer custom printed belts? How can I get my own custom C4 Belt?

Yes! Check it out here. You can also email info@c4belts.com, for inquiries about custom belts.

Are C4 Belts nickel free?

C4 Belts are 100% metal free!

Can I wear a C4 Belt through airport security?

Yes you can! C4 Belts and Buckles contain absolutely no metal so breeze through most airport security without the hassle or removing your belt. The exception here is with our metal buckles. Keep in mind that some airport checkpoints require belt removal regardless of material (they aren't as familiar with how awesome we are).

Are the Chrome Buckles made of metal?

All C4 Classic & C4 Skinny Chrome Buckles are metal free. We do sell a regular metal and flip top metal buckles!

What are C4 Belts made of?

We use a super high-quality TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) also known as thermoplastic. It’s the same material used to create snowmobile treads and is extremely durable.

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